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Day 31 - "The Story Continues" {#31daysofcareproject}

We made it!  31-bookmarks in 31-days and I'm so excited to share the full collection with you.  In addition to my desire to stretch myself creatively, I really had a desire to find a way to use my art to support causes I believe it.  Because of that I'm really excited to share that 35% of the profits on the sale of the 31-Days of Care Project bookmark collection will be going to the CAIR Coalition to support immigrant rights.  As a first generational American and child of 2 immigrant parents this is an issue I truly care about.

Here is today's bookmark (Day 31 of 31!):

2"x6" Graphite & Watercolor Bookmark - "Day 31 - The Story Continues"

Thanks so much for stopping by today and joining me on the #31daysofcareproject journey.

Wishing you more peace & joy than your heart can hold!


P.S. This collection goes on sale beginning tomorrow, April 1st, so make sure that you subscribe so you can pick your favorite!

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