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Dear Compassionate Woman & Soulful Introvert,

  • Are you often the “caretaker," "fixer," or “helper" in your personal and/or professional relationships? 
  • Do you sometimes wonder if you are doing, being, or providing "enough"? 
  • Do you also experience a nagging sense of guilt when you think about doing something just for you? 
If you are you ready to stop putting yourself last and start nurturing yourself first, I would love to help!

Working Together

Our work together will be collaborative, holistic & can include a combination of discussion, creative journaling, yoga, and meditation.  The coaching process is also convenient as all sessions can be conducted through phone, Skype, or FaceTime.  Together, we will address mental blocks and barriers, as well as create and implement strategies to help achieve your desired results.

You can use Private 1:1 Counseling/Coaching to help you…

  • Heal from emotional distress, anxiety, worry, or sadness. You are managing life pretty well, but find that your current challenges are having a negative impact on your emotional wellbeing. We will work to explore & understand your emotions so that you can heal from pain; learn to honor your feelings; and cultivate your desired self-relationship.
  • Develop healthy personal boundaries in your relationships. You know that how you’re interacting with your loved ones isn’t working, but are unsure of how to change it. We will work to create your desired boundaries so that you can feel confident saying what you mean instead of what you think “they” want to hear; stop feeling guilty for saying no; and be able to ask for what you need with confidence. 
  • Understand and honor your wants, needs, & desires. You may have gotten in the habit of ignoring your “gut” and feel out-of-touch with who you are. We will work to clear mental and emotional blocks so that you can trust your gut again; say yes or no to things with confidence; and nurture yourself without feeling guilty. 
  • Connect to your personal mission/vision. You know that you were meant for more, but don’t have clarity on how to connect with this higher calling for your life. We will work through fear, self-criticism, and confusion so that you can identify and begin living your life’s purpose. 
  • Connect & feel grounded in your spirituality/guiding belief system. You have a desire to be spiritually grounded and connected, but don’t know how to make this an active and practical part of your day-to-day life. We can explore your personal values and uncover any blocks or limiting beliefs, so that you can feel spiritually grounded and make choices that are aligned with who you are. 
  • Communicate effectively with others. You find that you either say too much or not enough, and have no idea of how to communicate in a way that isn’t passive or aggressive. We can rework your current communication style, so that you speak with confidence, clarity, and compassion while still sounding like yourself. 

Please contact me using the form below to schedule a free 15-minute consultation call to learn more and explore how we can work together. 


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