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From clients...

Ms. Lawrence helped me to navigate the most challenging year of my life as I dealt with separation, divorce, job stress, aging, self doubt, and the emotional roller coaster that goes along with major life changes. She helped me learn to be patient with myself, allow myself the space to grieve and heal, and most importantly, to lead a life that feels truly authentic to who I am at my core. I am grateful to have had a counselor who I was comfortable with and who helped me find my inner strength and confidence when I had lost my way.

Working with Karla has helped me grieve in a healthy way. My work with Karla has led me to share my positive counseling experience with friends and family.” “From the moment I reached Karla on the phone to set up an appointment, she has been nothing short of amazing. She has displayed compassion at every turn and has been a great reflection for accountability and progress. Each session has yielded a great return. I am immensely grateful for her partnership in my counseling process.

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