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Self-Care Strategy 3: Slow it Down!


We’ve all done it or at least tried to with varying degrees of success. Eating, while watching TV, while reading a book. Writing an email, while answering a call, while surfing the internet. If you’re a parent, you have an even more complicated job. Trying to balance the everyday tasks of managing a household, working, and being responsible for a little human 24/7.

At our best, we are marginally successful at getting most of the things done in a reasonable time-frame. At our worst, we are completely overwhelmed and plotting ways to hide from our lives.

“Sick day” anyone?

Life can have a way of making us feel like we have to run just to keep up. But despite all of this running and multi-tasking we aren’t anymore productive. Instead, we end-up more frazzled, on edge, or just plain frustrated.

So how do we get more done in less time and not become overwhelmed? 

Self-Care Strategy 2: Change Your Language

Do you ever feel like you have internal sound-track playing inside of your head? A voice that sometimes builds you up, but often feels like it’s tearing you down instead? This little voice is a chameleon. Sometimes it may sound like you. At other it may sound like your parents, relatives, friends or some other people you’ve met throughout your life. This voice is known by many names, but internal critic is the most common. I like to call her “Ms. Critic.”

In getting to know Ms. Critic and helping former clients get to know theirs, I’ve learned some things that may surprise you.