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In This Moment... (Sabbath Reflections)


In this moment...

In this moment I'm listening to the rain.  Steady drops fall softly on my rooftop.  Nature's lullaby.

Thinking about my desire to stay here, stay now.  But twins await.

Sitting at my desk imagining a story worth telling.  Today. This moment, is all I have to offer.

Noticing the steady rise and fall of my chest.  Inhale... exhale...inhale...exhale...

Taking this moment to simply notice. Sounds. Sensations.

The feel of fingertips on computer keys.  Feet planted. Toes pressed into cool wooden floor.  Gaze gently falls on the screen.

Words appear like magic.  One letter at a time.  Matching the click clicking of my key strokes.


I'm always wishing for more of it.  Time to sit and think.  Time to read and write.  Time to just be with my thoughts.

I like to spend time dreaming about what could be. It feels bigger and better than the present moment.

Then, I return to my breath. Inhale...exhale...inhale...exhale...

Listen to rain falling on rooftops.

Notice the rise and fall of my chest.

Listen to the click clicking of my key strokes.

Watch the words appear like magic on the screen.  One letter at a time.

And I know.

Now is what matters most.

This moment is the best moment. This moment is all I have.

The Yoga Teacher Chronicles: Using Verbal Cues vs. Visual Demonstration

Welcome to the The Yoga Teacher Chronicles, where I share the lessons I’m learning in my first year as a Christian yoga teacher. I share the good, the bad, and the ugly of the process of growing into an effective yoga teacher. Of learning how to live my faith both on and off the mat.

A few months ago I ran across the work of Francesca Cervero.  She is a local yogi whose speciality is teaching private yoga lessons and helping other instructors do the same.  Her work has been an awesome resource since this is something I'm thinking about adding to the mix. She's super generous and knowledgeable so I definitely encourage you to check her out!

In a recent video blog post she shared what she learned teaching her first private yoga lessons online.  This led me to a podcast episode where she shared her thoughts on teaching without using your body to demonstrate.  

Prior to this, I had never thought about not using my body to teach so I was definitely intrigued. In my teacher training they talked about the concept of "stepping off the mat." The intention is to be flexible in where and how we are teaching our students. Typically, however, I practice or demonstrate poses (asanas) from my mat.

Fast forward to a few weeks later where I had the misfortune of injuring my neck.  This resulted in pain and limited range of motion.  The best part -- this happened one day before I was scheduled to teach my weekly class. Ugh!

My first thought was, "How am I going to teach my yoga class when I can barely move my head?!" My second thought was, "I guess this is as good a time as any to see what it’s like to teach just using my words, since I can't use my body."

While I am not a fan of pain/injury as a way to motivate change, I must say it can be effective!