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In This Moment... (Sabbath Reflections)


In this moment...

In this moment I'm listening to the rain.  Steady drops fall softly on my rooftop.  Nature's lullaby.

Thinking about my desire to stay here, stay now.  But twins await.

Sitting at my desk imagining a story worth telling.  Today. This moment, is all I have to offer.

Noticing the steady rise and fall of my chest.  Inhale... exhale...inhale...exhale...

Taking this moment to simply notice. Sounds. Sensations.

The feel of fingertips on computer keys.  Feet planted. Toes pressed into cool wooden floor.  Gaze gently falls on the screen.

Words appear like magic.  One letter at a time.  Matching the click clicking of my key strokes.


I'm always wishing for more of it.  Time to sit and think.  Time to read and write.  Time to just be with my thoughts.

I like to spend time dreaming about what could be. It feels bigger and better than the present moment.

Then, I return to my breath. Inhale...exhale...inhale...exhale...

Listen to rain falling on rooftops.

Notice the rise and fall of my chest.

Listen to the click clicking of my key strokes.

Watch the words appear like magic on the screen.  One letter at a time.

And I know.

Now is what matters most.

This moment is the best moment. This moment is all I have.

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