Do you love but get exhausted by too much “people” time? Are you social and outgoing with your small circle of friends, but but get quiet or shy in large groups? Are you drawn to and energized by quiet, creative, solo activities? If so then you are probably a soulful introvert.

A soulful introvert is many things — big-hearted, introspective, creative, compassionate, & thoughtful are just a few. Simply put, a soulful introvert is someone who is passionate & mission driven but gets energized by spending more time alone than with other people. This shows-up in how they care for family, friends, and/or clients; the types of professions & hobbies they choose; and how they feel & experience their emotions.

Characteristics of a Soulful Introvert

As a soulful introvert, you may notice many of the following things about yourself:

  • You are curious and like exploring lots of different things (i.e. “multi-passionate”)
  • You quickly become drained by “small talk,” large gatherings, or too much “people” time
  • You prefer one-one-one or small group gatherings to large crowds
  • You get easily overwhelmed by too much stimulation and will often “shut-down” in response
  • You prefer simple environments with minimal external stimulation
  • You are mission-driven
  • You are creative
  • You are deeply introspective
  • You are intuitive and attuned to the energy of those around you
  • You need “me time,” quiet, and creative activities to recharge
  • You are a homebody who may also love to travel
  • When you’re comfortable you can talk a “mile a minute” and seem quite social
  • In unfamiliar settings you prefer being quiet and observing
  • You love starting new projects, but have a hard time completing them
  • You enjoy people watching and are deeply curious about understanding how they work
  • You are very imaginative & value spending time just “thinking” or exploring new ideas
  • You value finding and living in your purpose the most

As a soulful introvert with a big heart who spends so much time trying to live your mission while balancing your introverted needs, it can be difficult figuring out how to make it all work. Self-care is important for everyone but as a soulful introvert it’s important to learn how to make your self-care a priority. I define self-care as “learning to know, like, and trust yourself unconditionally; without guilt.” Learning how to care for yourself is the ultimate way to truly take care of the people in your life.

To learn more about self-care for soulful introverts you can read this article.

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