This past weekend, a group of girlfriends and I shared our monthly call.  We’ve been gathering on the phone once-a-month to connect, share, and pray with each other for almost 20 years (which is bananas when I think about how long its been!).  We’ve seen each other through so much and it’s truly been a blessing to have them in my life.

As I was telling them about the latest happenings from the past month, I noticed that I didn’t have any complaints about life.  Outside of a couple of minor personal concerns, there wasn’t really anything of note that was “wrong.”  I felt like I was in a good place and primarily had feelings of gratitude.  There were some things I talked about wanting — that I’ve talked about for awhile — but even then, noticed the former distress wasn’t there.

As I spent some time reflecting on that conversation — as it applies to my word of the year for 2019 — I realized something.  This is the first time, in a long time, I’m not in a place of striving.  I’m not in a place of desperation, or lack.  It feels very different than what I’m used to and honestly, a bit strange (but also exciting).

Not to be a space of longing for or desiring something that I don’t have is new.  When I think about this, it now makes sense why my word of intention for 2019 has been bit slow to solidify in my mind.  What has been speaking to me and feels the most true, in this moment, is the statement “live your mission.” As I reflected on what it means to live my mission, several different ways to do so began to unfold for me.

To live my mission means to be present.  To live in each moment fully.  When I think about how this might apply to self-care and the mission of Grow Joy I think it means to pay attention.  To track and notice the things that add to or take way from ones joy.  To do more of what brings joy and less of what doesn’t.  To worry less about what other people think and pay more attention to what feels aligned for me.  To not feel guilty if what I need in any particular moment changes from one thing to the next.  To know that it’s more important to learn & embrace my own rhythms than those of someone else.  To not wait until something is “perfect” before releasing it into the world.  To accept that certain lessons are only understood in motion vs. reflection.

So this year my practice will be to embrace and “live my mission,” allowing it to unfold moment by moment.

How about you?  Have you picked a word of intention for 2019?  If so, I would love to hear about it in the comments section below.  If you need some gentle guidance to help find your word, please read this article for some prompt questions and to find out what my words were for the past few years.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Wishing you more peace and joy than your heart can hold.